New year, new event…

Its been close to a year since I last wrote on Blogspot. My last post stands roughly 12 days away from the 365 that make up a year. And what a year it has been. The move from Manchester to Bangalore via so many accidents, incidents, worries and apprehensions, triumphs and adjustments. Its been a year of great and drastic change – some for the better, some for the worse. So what made me revisit blogspot and write again?

I am wondering – is it because tomorrow we launch the first Indian preselections for the Webdesign International Festival 08. The posters have been done, the T-shirts are being printed, the invitations sent out – not the ones for the press. We have decided to hold them back – it may have meant a bit of chaos once the brief was read out and the teams scrambled for ideas and action.

The posters were addictive – after a long time I sat down and did something that I couldn’t move away from. No client constraints, no brand guidelines. Time was running out as usual – but in someways it froze as I worked across the type, the leading and kerning – the images, the lines. It was a fluid, quick series of motions transforming a blank canvas into a live piece of work. I am sure Pooja enjoyed working on her posters as much as I did. Tomorrow comes the big day, and Aude and the 12 teams. More then.