Dashboard to the world

If you loved watching the world go by from the confines of your verandah – then this site is for you. How much is fact and how much fiction, who knows and frankly it doesn’t matter to me. What I find interesting is the take on ‘here and now’—how it assumes a sense of urgency and immediacy. The forests being cut to the coffee cups being produced sounds alarming, though I am convinced this is just part of the story – the statistics is far more alarming. I can see an influence of Jonathan Harris’ (far more rigorous) I Feel Fine project and Newsmap. Visit Sprint’s site for the swirling dashboard and the widget (if you wish).

How not to design a calendar

The folks at R+K | The Brand Union have designed an alternate calendar on the theme of (yes, you guessed it) how not to design a calendar. Here are a few of my favourites from the recommended 12 ways. In no particular order of preference or chronology. As a matter of fact, in the effort to make the calendar thoroughly non-functional, designers have deliberately left out months and days on some pages. Though most come with dates. If you want a signed, numbered limited edition digital copy, email me – though there would be a little cost – for printing, p&p.

New Year, New Calendar

A new year. Time to change the calendar – not just the page…And as far as calendars go this one is one of the most innovative I have come across – in a longlong time. By UK based Mytton Williams Design Consultancy.