Wolfram Alpha and the bowl of brown rice

Every now and then the story of the Google-killer resurfaces and like many of you, I had heard of the coming of the new search engine – Wolfram Alpha. Since the child prodigy and founder/creator of Wolfram Mathematica, Stephen Wolfram, unveiled the Alpha at a Harvard lecture in end April 09, reactions have been many. Google’s was possibly one of the first – Stephen Wolfram hadn’t finished his demo when Google’s official blog announced “a new service allowing users to search and compare public data”. Continue reading

Hello 2012

The cyclone has passed by.

Day two of 2012, day one of back-to-work, back-to-school. Missed my morning alarm, kept postponing it until it could be postponed no more. But yoga is good – listening to the revised, expanded Indian Anthem on my iPod, full volume – in midst of a dark 6am morning was a treat (but then there is only so much you can take of patriotism). And this was another treat, of a visual kind – a trypographically well crafted piece of work from Teresa Wozniack – her New Year’s resolves – mirroring most of mine (and others too, I think) except possibly lose 30 pounds… Continue reading