Adobe Design team is featured in Kyoorius Magazine

Over a period of close to 9 years Kyoorius Exchange has undoubtedly made its mark on the Indian Design scene. What started off as a paper company found its way into the Kyoorius Conference and the Magazine. Kyoorius today is arguably India’s longest surviving Magazine on the mainstream Indian Design – and a very well produced one at that. So when the curious Kyoorius folks decided to dedicate 6 pages of their June issue to report on the Adobe India’s Design team – it was both a pleasant surprise and a welcome one.

As Kay Khoo, co founder of Kyoorius puts it: “Adobe’s headquarters in India isn’t typically where one might expect to find the Kyoorius team looking studiously at the behind-the- scene working of the software major. A recent visit to the company’s Bangalore office made for a fascinating look into the trials, errors and thinking that go into the constant tweaking and up gradation of the software that we take for granted.” The result has been an indepth Q&A session and a fairly verbose article. As Kay puts it:

…it has been a revelation to discover some of the fascinating projects that the company is working on — some that you will be reading about in the subsequent paragraphs and others that you are likely to discover when they officially launch.

The article can be found online at – Inside Adobe: The User is King

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