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Forbes-articles-mainpicRay+Keshavan | The Brand Union collaborated with the Forbes Magazine for an article (July 3, 2009 issue) that explored the role (and statistical distribution, if I may say so) of colour on corporate marques or logos in India.

For the comparative exercise, involving both Indian and International brands – companies from the Indian benchmark index, the NIFTY 50, and the top 50 of Interbrand’s 100 Most Valued Brands were chosen.

The comparison revealed some similarities – the big grouping in blues and reds – as well as few key dissimilarities. The similarities were noteworthy in the colour of the logos itself. What makes Indian brands colourful is at the level of brand communication – esp. at retail and trade.

Whereas the article did play upon that, I think the complex network of factors that influence colour choice, which were considered, could possibly have been included. The intent definitely was to have a detailed article which would draw upon R+K’s rich experience in the domain of brand design, I guess editorial constraints possibly forced the article into a double spread.

Forbes also chose to add a number of little factoids and sound bites, making the article a good option for people on the go. Though as designers and professionals who dabble with the art and science, logic and emotion of making choices in the realm of colour – somehow the reduced text seems too cursory. But Forbes’ attempt at bringing elements of branding to the fore is noteworthy as is the efforts of Rohin Dharmakumar, who was persuasive with his ideas – the springboard for this article.


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