Five favorites from the 57 Things

57 Things is a collection of beliefs – and a book, that loosely (or tightly) defines the collective wisdom and culture of Experience Design (XD) organization of Adobe. I recently gave a talk at UXIndia 2012 conference at Hyderabad and included five of the beliefs that I hold dear. And in the last few days I have had some questions and comments on these few of the 57 Things. Here are the famous five – with some minmal annotations and I hope to publish more soon.

A little background – with over 130 Designers across the world and with representation at the board level – the XD organization is a powerful unifying force that speaks for the customer and dreams up the shape of things to come for Adobe products. From refining the next version of the Adobe products to imagining the next generation of Apps – XD plays a pivotal role. These were articulated by Michael Gough, VP of XD. Michael was recently in India for a talk at the Kyoorius Design Yatra in Goa and spoke eloquently (and with brutal honesty) about things digital, things design and how originality is over-rated. More on that soon…

The value of Above: Looking at the bigger picture, thinking big and connecting the dots. Top, let it change you – grow, change and discover by learning, by understanding and by empathy.

Discouraging the need to reinvent the wheel, over and over again…And the last two need no annotations…

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