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An Unexpected Journey: To the heart of design influence…

My move to Adobe was unconventional. An unexpected journey in many ways. But I am certainly not alone. Not in Adobe or possibly many other organizations elsewhere.

For many years I dabbled with branding and communications – creating many brand identities and communication strategies to differentiate and position new entrants or incumbents in overcrowded and fiercely competitive marketplaces. Working cross media – in digital, print and 3D has its unique advantages and the need to constantly look at the big picture without losing sight Continue reading

Five favorites from the 57 Things

57 Things is a collection of beliefs – and a book, that loosely (or tightly) defines the collective wisdom and culture of Experience Design (XD) organization of Adobe. I recently gave a talk at UXIndia 2012 conference at Hyderabad and included five of the beliefs that I hold dear. And in the last few days I have had some questions and comments on these few of the 57 Things. Here are the famous five – with some minmal annotations and I hope to publish more soon. Continue reading