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The Post-it guide to project planning

JD-allcaps-3M-PostitThese days I am relying heavily on Post-its to make my lists and to-dos.

So far its been organising thoughts on boards, marking pages, sorting through ideas, sticking the odd number etc. Now its become a serious planning tool. My Chirchill planner holds my Post-it notes – all pasted on the appropriate columns below the dates, in multiple layers since the current series of the sticky notes is wider than the date column. The good part of it is that I carry my wad of Post-its, make notes that matches 8 point type size and once I am back, can safely stick it back into the right page. Of course its handy to record phone numbers, email ids and paste it back into the latter part of the planner.

I am expecting that by the end of the year, my planner will be a voluminous, bulging collection of Post-its. It works for me – but then I am a little fish in the world of Post-it Wizardry. Have a look at what Savannah student Bang yao Liu did with his wad of multi-coloured Post-it notes and deadlines…

Post-it Wizardry on YouTube