JD speaks at several events on topics, issues and questions that lie at the overlap of design, business and technologies. Of special interest are topics related to fostering innovation at the workplace, UX and Product Leadership, Design thinking for non-Designers and Design for persuasion. A quick overview of past and upcoming events…

Recent Talks

Dec, 2013 UX at Adobe: The Design Challenges, at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad Campus

August 2013 Leveraging Design in Product Management, Product Leadership Institute, Park Plaza Hotel, Bangalore

July 2013 Five Things Product Leaders Should Know About UX: Product Leadership Institute in Association with Nasscom & Microsoft Accelerator, Bangalore

June, 2013 The Big D: My Journey in Design at the National Institute of Design, Bangalore Campus

Past Talks/workshops

2013 Talk on Brand Management National Institute of Design, Bangalore Campus

2012 Design Management Essentials, National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar Campus

2012 Innovation Workshop, Design-offsite, Bangalore

2012 Customer Excellence Summit, New Delhi/Noida

2012 Usability Matters, ISB (Indian School of Business), Hyderabad

2012 Future of Interaction Design Education, IIIT Bangalore

2011 IIT-IDC, Mumbai

2011 Adobe Max, Los Angeles, California

2011 TechSummit San Jose, California

2010 National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

2010 The Adobe Quality Summit, Bangalore

2009 The WebDesign International Festival, Limoges, France