Three Choices to Better Typography

If you handle copious amounts of text then keeping the pages or slides engaging, readable and legible would be on your agenda. And, you may recall seeing and reading through long paragraphs of text that may have been very well designed (or typeset), making the text inviting and readable. So how does one create a beautiful group of letters?

I was invited to write a short article for STC India – Society for Technical Communicaton, whose members are typically neither designers (or typographers) but technical communicators who have to convey complex pieces of information with ease and grace. Designers and typographers continually make choices and they have a substantially expended range to choose from. This article is was an attempt to distill the multiple choices to the core essentials. An attempt to help STC members, and many like them, make a few simple but key choices to create content that communicates with Typographic clarity.

Download the PDF of the printed version of the article that appeared in STC India’s Magazine Sept, 2013.

If you tried my recommendations, I would love to hear from you. And if you’re a fellow typographer – would welcome your views – would these be your three key choices too? Or others?

Download Typography Basics

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